We want to create with you.

We are a full service design agency based in Dallas, Texas. We provide all visual services such as logo, web, & print design as well as branding specializations, interior and product design. Our mission is to build brands that cultivate and inspire creativity throughout the world. Our focus is to create beautiful, enticing, and aesthetically pleasing branding for clients in need of reaching an artistically inclined demographic.

Founded by Ace Anderson and cultivated in Texas, The Striped Heart is an organization devoted to creating for companies that inspire free artistic expression and cultural diversity. Recognized as a pioneer in the arts, Ace Anderson is a true creative. He works hard to tackle the greatest challenges that brand development & design have to offer, all while creating beautifully astounding works of art and inspiring artists of future generations.

The Heart represents our passion & love for the arts and The Stripes represent the hard work and dedication to the artistic process, i.e. “Earn your stripes.”